Coronado Butterfly Preserve Engagement Photos | Adrienne+Andy


 “…Andy and I totally hit it off and he asked for my number at the end of the night. I gave him my number (thankfully!) and he saved me as “Adrienne Cutie DT”-the way it still is today haha! Here we are 5 years later, ready to get married!” 

And to think Adrienne almost stayed home that night……

I met Adrienne & Andy almost two years ago, when I photographed Adrienne’s twin sister, Andi’s (I know, it gets pretty confusing!) wedding. Let’s just say I knew back then the engagement was coming and wasn’t in the least bit surprised when I saw Andy had proposed! The proposal was cleverly crafted and very well executed by Andy, so much so Adrienne had no idea, including the surprise to follow! Read more below…



From Adrienne, on the proposal: “Andy and I were in Stockton for a girlfriend’s wedding that I was a bridesmaid in. Andy had my stepmom set up a “Mothers Day BBQ” a week early since we were home. This was a way for my whole family to be at our house without me thinking anything of it. As the BBQ started, my stepmom started to make a speech and thank everyone for coming over. She then says, “but the real reason we are here…” and turns to Andy who I realize is on one knee. I honestly didn’t remember what he said because it was such a blur, but I instantly said YESSSS! During this, Andy’s parents and brother also surprised me because they had flown in to be a part of the engagement. It was all very exciting! About 10 minutes after the proposal, Andy comes over to me again and tells me he has another surprise. He hands me a travel book and says that he is taking me to Greece for two weeks, and we were leaving in two days. He had planned EVERYTHING, talked to my work and even packed for me. I was shocked for the engagement, but I was completely dumbfounded when he told me about the trip. The fact that he was able to plan everything and make it happen so flawlessly, is amazing.  People seem shocked that I had no clue, but I can 110% honestly say that I didn’t have even the slightest bit of an idea.” 





It’s hard to believe that having lived in Santa Barbara for so many years, Adrienne had never been to the Goleta Butterfly Preserve! It’s one of my favorite places, and I absolutely adore how green it is almost year-round, and how many different backgrounds it offers for my couples’ photos. Adrienne agrees– “We loved the nature/woodsy feel but also that it’s right on the bluff of the beach. Both of those elements represent aspects of Santa Barbara-the place where we met and fell in love!” Coronado-Butterfly-Preserve-Photographer-3



So how did Andy+Adrienne meet? “I had JUST moved into a new house after graduating from UCSB. My new roommate found out that it was my 21st birthday and wanted to take me out to celebrate in Santa Barbara since I had been in SF the night before. Being that it was the day after turning 21, I was not feeling the best (lol) but felt obligated to say yes since we just started living together. She took me to EOS with some of her girlfriends and right away this group of guys (Andy included) come up to us, start hugging us and pretending like we are old friends. Come to find out, this was just their way to chat with girls. Andy and I began talking and he asked where I was from. We soon realized that my old childhood neighbor (who had moved away to San Diego before high school) was actually a really great friend of his who he went to high school with. This is a strange connection given that Stockton and San Diego are 10 hours apart. Anyway, Andy and I totally hit it off and he asked for my number at the end of the night. I gave him my number (thankfully!) and he saved me as “Adrienne Cutie DT”-the way it still is today haha! Here we are 5 years later, ready to get married!”


The colors during sunset over the Coronado Bluffs were stunning! We also included Nova, Andy+Adrienne’s doggie, in the sunset photo goodness…

“Of course we had to include Nova! For those people who know us, they know how much she means to us. We take her everywhere-and she is so spoiled! She plays a special role in our relationship because we have had her since she was a puppy. Getting a dog was an important step in our relationship and we wanted her to be included in our special day by capturing her in the pictures-even if she wasn’t willing to properly participate, haha.”



We wrapped up the Goleta Butterfly Preserve engagement session with a few night-time moon shots.

So what are Adrienne+Andy most looking forward to on their wedding day? “Making it official! Andy and I have known for a long time that we were going to spend together forever, and it’s so amazing that we are almost there. We are very close to our family and friends and want to share the special day with them as well.”

I can’t wait for Adrienne+Andy’s Gerry Ranch wedding next year! It will be fantastic to see lots of familiar faces;)

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