San Ysidro Ranch Wedding | Evelyn+Ben


“I immediately locked eyes with him and stopped my shopping…which says a lot because I’m a pretty big shopper! He said hi to me, we talked for a long time, and the rest went from there!”

No two weddings are the same, and this magical San Ysidro Ranch wedding literally had me ooo-ing and ahhh-ing all day long. Ben+Evelyn’s wedding details were meticulously planned to a T, and everything came together beautifully for a fairytale Montecito wedding.


Evelyn and Ben’s love of nature and flowers had a lot to do with their choice of San Ysidro Ranch to tie the knot. From Evelyn, “I’m a true lover of flowers. The San Ysidro Ranch has absolutely gorgeous grounds that are filled with gardens and trees. I had stayed at the hotel several years prior and it stuck in my mind. I didn’t want boring wedding pictures. I wanted to have flowers involved and their grounds were perfect for it.”


The emerald ring was designed by Ben and Evelyn, and it perfectly fit in with the flowery theme of the day. From Evelyn: “The emeralds came from my grandma’s brooch (mom’s mom). We wanted to create something unique, something with family history, and have flowers!”san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-5.The creative cover of Evelyn and Ben’s wedding invitation was custom created by Bridget Collins of Flora Forager, and couldn’t have been more perfect for the two.san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-45san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-47san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-48san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-49

Evelyn with her closest friends, including Ben’s sister. san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-51san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-52

I just love this image of the bride…she’s such a classic beauty!san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-8.Evelyn’s choices for her florals and decor really reflected her passions…

“I really considered the time of year and the old California ranch style of the SYR. I wanted a classic, rustic feeling. I also wanted very unique floral arrangements and table décor, flowers that would make guests really stop and look. So with all of those things considered, I came up with the color theme of maroon, burgundy, peach, and blush. There are beautiful flowers that go with these colors, especially one of my favorites, the Koko Loko rose. Ben and I even planted one of these together in our front garden! I also didn’t want to just include flowers, I wanted things like fresh berries, apples, blooming branches, and more.”



“The venue space had a stunning glass doorway that led to a private patio with a canopy of loquat trees and a gorgeous wood-burning fireplace. The courtyard was a big part of our planning. Not only because the ceremony was held in front of the fireplace, but also because it felt like a blank palette for flower décor. My florist and I had a great time there. I also am a lover of birds, so I wanted that involved somehow. I thought that hanging antique birdcages from the trees in the courtyard would be great.”


The use of pomegranates in the decor was a lovely and unique aspect of the two’s wedding day. san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-13.san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-1san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-2

Ben was all smiles when he saw Evelyn and her father walking down the aisle. san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-3san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-4san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-5san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-6san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-7san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-8san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-9san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-10san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-11san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-12san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-13san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-14san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-15Ben said his favorite part of the day was “marrying the woman of his dreams”. I think this smile sure proves it!
san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-16san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-17san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-18san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-19san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-20san-ysidro-ranch-1\We took family photos on one of San Ysidro Ranch’s lawns before heading off to cocktail hour. san-ysidro-ranch-2san-ysidro-ranch-3san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-58

The couple’s day was particularly intimate…”We wanted to actually remember the day and enjoy it with just our closest family and friends, so we had a very small guest count of 23. That worked out great because we were able to have great conversations and laughs, enjoy the delicious meal, and absorb the surroundings.”


Evelyn’s Victorian-esque bouquet was fit for a queen! With jasmine, koko loco, distant drum garden roses and many more, this flowy bouquet from Camellia Floral Design was a show-stopper, perfectly matched with Evelyn!san-ysidro-ranch-9san-ysidro-ranch-10san-ysidro-ranch-11

So how did the two meet? From Evelyn…

“What’s so weird is that I literally met Ben around the corner from my house! His family owns a furniture store in Laguna Beach that I had been shopping at for years and years. I was actually friends with his sister and always chatted with his parents. So one day I went over to the store to do a little shopping and I saw Ben at the front desk while he was filling in for someone. I immediately locked eyes with him and stopped my shopping…which says a lot because I’m a pretty big shopper! He said hi to me, we talked for a long time, and the rest went from there!”


Evelyn’s love for hummingbirds was incorporated by including hummingbird-shaped place-cards on the wine glasses.san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-25.san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-23.san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-24.san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-26.san-ysidro-ranch-wedding-photographer-27.

San Ysidro Ranch’s Wine Cellar is dimly lit and cozy, perfect for intimate and romantic weddings!


The lavender field at San Ysidro Ranch is always couples’ favorite!san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-2san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-3san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-4

The two’s elation and joy could be felt from a mile away!

How did Ben propose? “It very rarely snows in Orange County, but New Year’s weekend nature decided to pull a fast one. So on New Year’s day, Ben bent down in the snow on a gorgeous back road and asked me to marry him. It felt so magical and whimsical.”


The groom and his boutonniere. san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-22.

The bride’s detail shots of her dress and jewelry. san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-13san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-14san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-15san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-16

This image of Evelyn on the cobblestone driveway took my breath away!san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-17san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-18san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-19san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-20san-ysidro-ranch-lavender-26montecito-wedding-photographer-11montecito-wedding-photographer-12montecito-wedding-photographer-13montecito-wedding-photographer-14montecito-wedding-photographer-16

As if the courtyard wasn’t magnificent enough, night-time brought a whole new dimension to the area’s beauty–“People kept telling me how it felt like a “wonderland” and like they were in a “flower fairyland”. When the lights in the flower-filled trees turned on, it created a glittering affect.”




And they lived happily ever after…

Congratulations, Evelyn and Ben! Thank you for sharing your magical, fairytale wedding with me!


Wedding Professionals:

Venue, Catering and Cake: San Ysidro Ranch

Photographer: Karen D Photography

Hair & Makeup: LunaBella Makeup and Hair

Floral Design: Camellia Floral Design

Lounge Furniture and Dinnerware: Town & Country Event Rentals

Table Cloths and Napkins: La Tavola Fine Linen Rental

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Earrings & Bracelet: Nordstrom

Wedding Invitation Design: Flora Forager


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