About me

Growing up, my family didn’t have a single professional photo taken. We have albums and albums filled with crooked and out of focus candid photos of us laughing, crying, giving pouty looks, and even sleeping (remember how tired you’d get as a child, sitting in the backseat during a long road-trip? Adorable! Especially when you and your sibling both fell asleep…). While I, and my generations to come, will always cherish these photos, they’re not exactly worthy of framing and displaying on the walls in my home. And the worst part about most of these photos–one of us is always missing! Hey, someone has to be the one to take the photo, right? I created my photography business because I want to utilize my artistic talents to help people create heirloom photos they can be proud to display in their homes, whether from a family photo-session, a wedding or any other occasion.

Since getting my first camera in my early teens, I have had a passion for capturing life’s most precious moments. I truly believe that one can never have too many photos to look back on!

I graduated from UCSB with a double-major in Communication and Sociology, and decided to put my studies to use by creating my own photography business in 2010. I enjoy every moment of taking photos, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing the looks on people’s faces when they see their photos and re-live their special occasion.

I split my time between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, and often travel globally to capture love stories. I am fortunate to be able to meet new people and be there for their most amazing and extraordinary experiences. Hopefully, I get to share a wonderful experience with you!

Santa Barbara wedding photographer portrait.