London Boudoir |Miriam


“The whole experience was actually really empowering and a massive confidence boost.”

I photographed Miriam in London, and although the boudoir photoshoot was planned with little advanced notice, we pulled together a great session! When we began the session, Miriam was a bit shy and reserved, but by the end of it we were laughing, having a great time, and she rocked it.

So what made Miriam decide to have boudoir photos taken of her?…

From Miriam, “The thought of doing a boudoir shoot was pretty daunting, I am not in my comfort zone in front of a camera or not wearing much! But that was one of the exact reasons that I wanted to do it. I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and try something that I had never done before. The whole experience was actually really empowering and a massive confidence boost. After seeing the pictures you realise the little “flaws” (as you see them and possibly worry over) are really not a big deal. It’s better just to love yourself rather than waste your time worrying about the little things you notice in the mirror that no-one else would even pick up on.”


Can’t forget to have FUN during any photoshoot!


Considering the English weather outside, we had fun incorporating Miriam’s raincoat into the session for a playful look…

Want to experience your own empowering and confidence-boosting boudoir photoshoot? Shoot me an e-mail at and let’s chat about your session! And yes, I do travel for photoshoots 😉

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