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Sunset engagement photos at Coronado Butterfly Preserve

“Everything we do becomes a memory and as we plan this wedding I just keep thinking about how amazing it will be to get to look back on those memories and know that Ashley will be in all of them.”

The light. The romance. The FUN! Taylor and Ashley’s Coronado Butterfly Preserve engagement session couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather cooperated, spring came early and everything was starting to bloom (including the yellow mustard flowers!), and the two had the perfect combination of lovey-doviness and light-heartedness. Scroll below to read more about the two and check out the engagement photos!

Sunset engagement photos at Coronado Butterfly PreserveSunset engagement photos at Coronado Butterfly Preserve

The two met through Taylor’s sister. More from Ashley…

“Taylor and I both moved away from home to Northern California for school. His sister and I had classes together in college. I like to say the only reason Taylor and I even met is because of his sister’s hair. She used to have this bright red, spikey hair that was hard to miss! I recognized her in a few different classes we shared and decided we should be study buddies.

She was hosting a BBQ one weekend and invited me over. Tay was down visiting her from San Francisco so we met there. We spent the whole night sneaking glances at each other from across the room. At some point he saved me from this overly-drunken guy who wouldn’t leave me alone, he has been my knight in shining armor ever since!”

Sunset engagement photos at Ellwood Butterfly PreserveSunset engagement photos at Ellwood Butterfly PreserveSanta Barbara engagement ring on yellow mustard plant

I had to use the mustard flowers, which were just beginning to bloom, for a few engagement ring photos.Couples engagement photos in Santa BarbaraCouples engagement photos in Santa BarbaraSunset coming through the trees at this engagement session

How did Taylor pop the question? From Taylor…

“We went down to Santa Barbara for my birthday which was on a Friday. Ashley’s dad’s birthday is a couple days apart from mine so we planned a big BBQ with all the family and friends on Saturday. I told Ashley that for my birthday I wanted to go on a hike, go see the sunset on the beach, and then get a great dinner, just the two of us. She made it all happen. After the hike, Ashley’s friend called and said she had gotten a new camera lens and wondered if we wanted some sunset pictures, perhaps on the beach? (Oh yeah, it was all planned.) We went down to the beach that Ashley grew up on, took some pictures, and, as the sun was setting, I proposed. After a great dinner, we went home where her family was waiting for us with a candle lit path to the house and a bottle of champagne. The next day we got to share the news with all the family and friends, one by one as they came to the party. Best birthday I’ve ever had.”

What a great way to keep your fiancé from figuring out ahead of time you’re going to propose–have her plan the day with your birthday as a cover up! 😉

Rays of sun peek through as couple kissesSanta Barbara engagement photos in natureFun Santa Barbara engagement photos in natureSweet Santa Barbara engagement photos in natureSanta Barbara couple in love

The Butterfly Preserve fell perfectly in line with what the two were looking for as a backdrop for their photos…

“Taylor grew up in Maryland around a lot of greenery and trees. He used to run through the woods with his friends all the time as a kid. He feels really happy and at home surrounded by nature. Since we had the actual proposal on the beach, which meant a lot to me, we thought it would be a really nice balance to have the engagement session in a green foresty area. The Butterfly Preserve was exactly what we were looking for: lush greenery and beautiful trees.”Santa Barbara couple in loveWoodsy photoshoot location in Santa BarbaraSilhouette engagement photosSanta Barbara Silhouette engagement photos

The two are way ahead of their planning and can’t wait for the big day!

Ashley: “There are so many things I am excited about. I feel like I am getting to marry not only the love of my life but my best friend. We have so much fun together and I know that whole day is going to be amazing. It will be one big party with everyone we love, celebrating us! What’s not to look forward to?!?!”

Taylor: “Everything we do becomes a memory and as we plan this wedding I just keep thinking about how amazing it will be to get to look back on those memories and know that Ashley will be in all of them. The other thing I’m excited for is our friends and extended families getting to meet each other. Being from opposite sides of the country, we are so used to either seeing one family or the other. It’s going to be surreal to have all of the most important people in our lives together in one place.”

Taylor and Ashley’s wedding day at Glen Annie Golf Club is going to be magical!

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