Santa Barbara Boudoir | Maria


Maria is strong, independent, hard-working, and has impressively transformed her body through body-building. For her beauty and boudoir photo-shoot, we wanted an ultra feminine, soft and sensual feel.


From Maria herself: “I am by no means a “girly girl”. As a self professed “tomboy”, I like to play hard in the gym, run around outside, and get dirty, but I thought I should expand my horizons one day and get in touch with my more feminine side. In a very intimate photo session such as boudoir, you have to find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable or else it shows through the photos. Karen got me glammed up and brought out the side of me I sometimes rarely see myself. How? She’s a riot! And she makes you feel 100% comfortable. I’m pretty sure we were laughing about 80% of the time, ha. I felt pampered, sexy, and undeniably confident.

The experience was powerful to say the least. When I’m in my “natural state” (the gym!), I feel strong lifting heavy weights. On the other end of the spectrum, I feel strong when I am able to express my femininity fully…something that doesn’t quite come as naturally to me, yet Karen helped bring it to light. There’s nothing like being able to embrace your body and bringing out your sensual nature. I adore Karen’s positive energy and professionalism and would do another shoot with her in a heartbeat!”


How do you think we did?

Boudoir 10Boudoir 2

Boudoir 1

 While we took many sensual and dramatic photos of Maria, we didn’t forget to have fun, too!

Santa_Barbara_Boudoir_2Boudoir 6

Boudoir 5

Boudoir 9Santa_Barbara_Boudoir_3

 We played with the light to create some soft and intriguing portraits. 




 Maria rocked her fiery red hair & red lips!




 Fierce and fun, Maria can do them all!


 Maria brought these fantastic boots in with that we used for multiple shots, including this boudoir silhouette.


We all have so many different aspects to our being, and it was so fun to explore this one with Maria!


Thank you to Page with Ab Fab Glamour for bringing to life the vision we had in mind with her hair and make-up talents.


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